StammerLess method

The "StammerLess" programme is successful with all age groups. Work with me for 12 appointments.

StammerLess for teens and adults is direct.

I work with you for 12 appointments (3 months). Clients are currently achieving between 80-95% natural fluency in this time. I have the road map and you bring the variables and we progress together to find you greater fluency that will last beyond our journey together.

StammerLess results for teenagers.

I record your fluency recovery over time and currently 90% of teens report between 80-98% fluency from working with my system a year after finishing working with me. Some report "I no longer stammer at all".

The majority (80%) of adults report between 80-90% fluency after 12 appointments and continue to maintain this a year later.

"StammerLess" for ages 2 to 11 uses an indirect approach.

When - your child has stammered for a couple of months it is time to use my programme.

Why - muscles develop a memory of all movement and the longer your child is stammering the longer it can take for this muscle memory to be overcome.

How - StammerLess requires you to follow 17 specific rules. Apply all and your child will recover their natural fluency.

Results for preschool children; when parents apply my 17 rules consistently they report 100% recovery of fluency in their preschool child.

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