What others have said after working with StammerLess. All comments are a minimum of 3 months post treatment.

I would estimate 95% fluency, pretty good I think :-). I've come a lot further than I ever thought I would.

Adult female

To call Lynne a fairy godmother sounds a bit over the top, but we have come such a long way in 8 months. Perhaps if you are reading this as a parent of a pre-schooler you may understand the concern, worry, and helplessness we were feeling.

Our son Tom had speech and language delay and a stammer that appeared to be getting progressively worse as the weeks went on. To add to our anxiety, the NHS waiting list was apparently 12 months!

Tom was 2 years 8 months when Lynne made her first home visit and he had the worst stammer in a 2 year old Lynne had seen. It would often be so bad that he would give up and (in his own way) say "mouth no work" which was heartbreaking.

At 3 years 4 months, Tom now speaks fluently unless unwell or extremely tired, his language and therefore ability to communicate effectively with words has picked up, leaving us with a speech delay which we hope with time and more support will continue to improve, but more importantly a happy, content and more sociable little boy.

Lynne's approach to stammering made such perfect, logical sense - of course Tom was at the centre of all her coaching, advice and direction but, interestingly most time was spent observing and addressing issues and external factors that she felt were impacting on Tom's dysfluency... I would wholeheartedly say she is worth every penny - I would never have imagined Tom would be where he is now in terms of his fluency, let alone his language skills.

A few weeks ago our NHS appointment came through - the therapist heard no stammer and felt his language skills were in line with what she would expect for a child his age! Without Lynne and the work she has done with us, I know the appointment would have had a very different outcome. Thank you Lynne.

Parent of child (3 years 4 months old)

He is a different lad. I could not have imagined him doing presentations and University interviews a year ago before we met you. He is doing really well. If you wish me to speak with anyone I'd be happy to explain the impact you have had in helping our son regain so much fluency and his confidence.

Parent of teenage male

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave me to overcome my stammer. Your help has helped me to be more confident speaking and as an all round person! Speech is definitely 95%+ fluent!!

Teenage male

I still can't believe it but there are days when I forget that I stammer. It is amazing. Can't thank you enough. My life looks very different now. I am more than 95% fluent after working with you. And best of all I can now easily and fluently say my own name!! Thank you!!

Teenage female

Lynne Sowden has improved my 13 year old daughter's mild stammer by working on her self belief over about four months. Without prompting, the feedback from school is that Isabelle's confidence in herself is growing substantially and with it her fluency and higher grades. Thank you for all your help Lynne.
Parent of teenage girl

When my teenage son asked me for some 'help' with his stammer I knew that finding the right person was key, especially someone who could relate to his age group.

Right from my first enquiry phone call to Lynne I felt very comfortable with her as a person and with the combination of techniques that she used. Lynne worked in partnership with my son; listening to his opinions and choices whilst being sensitive to both support, and, equally as important, to challenge him in the right measures.

My son made great progress with his speech but particularly significant for me was watching his self confidence grow so that he could achieve his own personal goals relating to speaking to his peer groups.

Parent of teenage male

Things are still improving - 75% fluency on poor days and 85% fluent on good days

Teenage girl

Thank you for enquiring as to how I'm getting on with my speech. My fluency improved to being consistently 70% after 6 sessions and is still improving. I also gained self confidence - which I was not expecting. Certain sounds used to be a consistent problem and these are much less a problem now. I think it's definitely getting better.

I'm meeting lots of new people at the moment and have had jobs which have required me to talk to strangers, which have both been 'tests' as such. I think I've handled both quite well. A number of people have commented that my speaking has got better, which is no bad thing.

You'll be pleased to hear that I am part of the university debating team, and have competed so far against Durham and Manchester. Many thanks for all the help. Without you I wouldn't have been able to come as far as I have.

Young adult

Once again, thank you so much for all the help you gave Adam. It wasn't just the improvement in his speech which was in evidence, but also a general increase in his self-confidence.

Over the past four months this has been put to the test in his gap year travels, which he is enjoying immensely.

After taking part in a conservation project in Ecuador during January and February, he travelled in South America with Brighton friends, and is now in New Zealand with a friend, prior to spending just over two months in South-East Asia.

Parent of young adult

I find though when my confidence is high I forget I have a stammer. After a while I sort of remember I do and my fluency drops. Strange but I'm working on it!

Young adult

Everything is going well. Fluency is better and am feeling more confident about things. Still a work in progress but much improved. Thanks for all your help and support kind regards.

Adult male in his 50s

We welcomed Lynne into our home where she spent time talking with us and observing the situation with our son's stammer. Within 20 minutes Lynne had pin-pointed a couple of key aspects that could be the cause of the stammer and my husband and I both felt a sigh of relief that everything she said made complete sense.

Having a one hour session with Lynne answered a lot of our questions and concerns and we knew the course of action to take in helping our son overcome his stammer.

Two weeks later on Lynne's return you could barely tell he ever had a stammer. A very big thank you.

Parent of child (2 years 9 months old)

My stammer was a full on blocking which occurred most of the time in my daily army life. It was characterised by full blown head nodding speechless idiocy.

Now it is almost unnoticeable repetition of some words on some occasions. I have days when I am completely fluent thanks to "StammerLess" and the change this has made in my life.

Adult male in his 20s

Working with the "StammerLess" method has completely changed my stammer. I used to struggle with phone calls and selling myself in business.

Now I am assured that my phone calls will be smooth and effective as I no longer do all those things that guaranteed my problems.

Adult male in his 30s

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